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The best style for your lifestyle. The right products.
The knowledge to make it all work.

A great hair style is one that works for you every day. So, if you bring me a picture or describe a style you want, one of the first things I'll ask about is your lifestyle. I'll want to be sure you're comfortable with how much time it's going to take you each morning and how often you'll need to get it cut and colored. We'll also talk about which styling products and tools you should consider, and I'll show you how to use them. My goal is to give you a cut and color you'll love and the knowledge to keep it beautiful.

Fringe isn't about getting you in and out. It's about enjoying the soothing, professional environment, relaxing because you feel confident in us, and knowing that your hair's going to look great each day until your next appointment.

Michelle is the owner of Fringe and has over 25 years of hair design experience. Her training included studying under Dimitrios Tsioumas of Goldwell North America. Tsioumas is a national award-winning innovator in hair design, specializing in texture and color. Michelle and her staff stay current on trends, techniques and products through constant, ongoing education via classes, seminars and trade shows.