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Fringe is excited in hearing from new grads with state licensing and experienced hair and makeup Artists looking to make a move, particularly those who:


  • Enjoy ongoing education to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques

  • Work passionately and creatively to benefit customers

  • Build productive and long-lasting client relationships

  • Strive to work harmoniously with team members

  • Appreciate financial gain based on their own hard work and expertise


Fringe considers its staff to be a family of dedicated professionals who work hard and play hard together and offers:


  • A comprehensive Artists' program encompassing technical, customer service and business development skills

  • A constant stream of new guests with ample opportunities for additional income

  • Fun team building activities like game night outings, ping-pong bar events, and weekend getaways

  • Retail Commission Bonus

  • Vacation Benefits

  • Health Care Benefits

  • 401K available

  • Social Media & Strategic Marketing training

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Mentoring and Coaching


If working with a team of welcoming, creative, and accomplished professionals in a beautiful, soothing environment sounds good to you, please contact us at, or if you would like to speak to our recruiter, please call Amanda at 847.502.3831.

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Why We Work At Fringe


"Why do I love Fringe?  So many reasons.  First, it's beautiful inside and the team is talented and excited to learn and grow.  I love that we have a variety of different products to choose to use to perform our services.  Goldwell is superior at keeping up with the latest technology and trends  But mostly, this team has become my family.  A place I can build my business and be myself.  I am so grateful for Fringe."

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"I work at Fringe because of the welcoming atmosphere and incredible team of hardworking ladies.  It is a blessing to be a part of the Fringe Family and in it, I have found a group of people that always have my back, have inspired me constantly and challenged me to be better!  I think it is so special that as individuals we are all so different, yet can all come together to do the one thing we all love – serving others and creating beautiful hair!  Fringe is a place that has nurtured my growth as a stylist and person.  I couldn’t’ think of a better place to continue to serve and grow!"


"There are a lot of reasons why I’ve worked at Fringe for the last 10 years. Overall, it’s because our values align.  Professionalism and teamwork are two that are at the top of my list. It’s important to me that clients have a good experience – not just in my chair, but in the salon as a whole. Professionalism plays a big role in those experiences.  Teamwork is a little more behind the scenes, but is more important at times.  We always help each other out and lift each other up.  We also hold each other and ourselves accountable.  But the main reason we work so well as a team is because we respect each other."  #Fringefamily

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