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The Curly Hair Experts at Fringe


Got curly hair? Then you've got something special and unique. And you know that it takes the right stylist and the right products to help you look your curly best. At Fringe, we get curls, and we do them beautifully. That's because we feature stylists who are Deva© Inspired Stylists.

The Deva Cut was developed in 1994 by the cofounders of the acclaimed Devachan Salons in SoHo, New York. Deva Cut is an intuitive and technical dry cutting method, developed specifically for curly hair. It's so precise and personalized that most Deva Cuts last four to six months, depending on the length, curl type and shape of your hair.

By working with your curls in their dry, natural state, we're able to achieve the best shape and length, customized specifically to your unique curls. To keep your hair looking glorious day in and day out, your first cut will include a coaching session. We'll teach you step-by-step cleansing, conditioning and styling methods to keep your curls happy and healthy.

Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, a Deva Cut can work wonderfully for you.

Let us help you celebrate your curls - come experience the Deva difference at Fringe.

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Appointments: DevaCuts are unable to be booked online.  Please call us to secure your DevaCut reservation.  In addition, a deposit

of $50+ will be necessary to secure and will be refunded if the reservation is canceled before the 24-hour window prior.

Your Deva experience will begin with sending photos of yourself with your hair in its natural state to  Please include your name and phone number. This way we can access the length, density, and texture as well as the amount of time needed if you decide not to schedule a consultation prior.   We will contact you after receiving your information to schedule an appointment! 

Other items to consider:


  • Start with a complimentary curly consultation prior to making an appointment; meet your stylist and learn what a Deva Cut can do for you

  • Plan on 1.5 to 2.5 hours for your first cut plus consultation, 1.25 hours for subsequent appointments

  • Arrive with your hair in a dry, natural state, no headbands, ponytails, etc.


Note: it's important that you arrive with your hair thoroughly detangled. We can detangle it for you for an extra charge; just request detangling when you make your appointment.